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Microblading and Micropigmentation

Permanent makeup artist offering excellent Micropigmentation and Other Eyebrow Services in St. Albert and Edmonton area

The eyebrows play a vital part in improving the aesthetic features of a person, especially women. When done right, these facial features have the ability to make a person’s eyes look bigger and more youthful. More often than not, people are not born with the ‘perfect’ eyebrows to achieve this goal which is why many seek the help of professionals to re-shape their eyebrows. Simply BeYOUtiful is the perfect place to avail of eyebrow services here in St. Albert and Edmonton.


With my help, we will be able to identify the eyebrow shape to perfectly frame your eyes and face. Aside from this, I will introduce you to a new and efficient makeup procedure that will surely help achieving that picture-perfect eyebrows that everyone is crazy about - MICROBLADING and MICROPIGMENTATION!

What is Microblading and Micropigmentation? 

This is the art and science of applying special pigments (colors) to the dermis Layer (Micropigmentation, Machine work) and Epidermis Layer (Microblading, hand tool ) of the skin.

  • It creates hair-like strokes that blend seamlessly with your own natural brows, making them more pronounced and defined. 

  • Hair Strokes & Shade - the addition of 3D hair strokes and shading to make the brows look more dense with a more defined arch, can be done in both techniques, Microblading or Micropigmentation.

  • It creates a multidimensional look while maintaining a natural appearance to the brows. It lasts up to a year depending on the color and after-care touches. 

What is an Ombre Brow?

A natural soft powdered look or pixel effect, to the brows that gives the effect of makeup look, bringing fullness without being heavy, also gives more sharpness to the arch.


Also best option when brows have been previously tattooed, and or have oily skin where stroke technique is not a suitable option as it will blend.

Brow Waxing

Are you looking to clean up your brows?  I can help you find the perfect shape that will help frame your beyoutiful face.

So if you want that perfect brow, book an appointment today!

Call Danielle @ 780-983-3885

or book online:

Ombre Brow
Brow Wax
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