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Ionniz®  Hair Treatment

Are you wanting thicker and healthier hair without needles or surgery?  Ionniz® technology is Brazil's secret to beautiful, thick and healthy hair!

How does the Ionniz® hair treatment work?

As a metal comb is gently run through the hair, ultrasonic waves emitted by the comb stimulate the scalp, promoting the absorption of nutrients, increasing circulation, and activating the hair follicle.  The result is thicker and healthier hair!



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More about hair treatment with IONIZ, a Brazilian way of taking care of your hair.

Ionniz and a technology for emitting ultrasonic waves through an electric field, produced by a unidirectional current, in which during an application there is repulsion and ionic attraction, being largely influenced by the hydrogen concentration present as cellular molecules of leather and scalp and also by hair extensions, metabolizing and catalyzing enzymes, thus occurring a biomolecular exchange or restoring hair cortez and invigorating new growth.

Mechanism of action

Ultrasonic waves are attracted to proteins contained in epithelial tissue. It established a low ionization frequency between 5 and 10 MHz, as waves emitted by the equipment will reach the deepest tissues, causing a mild inflammatory process, sending their dispersion to the lower sides. The propagation of these waves over the tissue causes a molecular vibration of the cells, as an effect it has two actions: the circulation of the blood circulation crosses the mild inflammatory prejudice, affects the local oxygenation, improving the nutritional supply to the bulb and finally the dilation of the spaces interstitials facilitating the permeation of assets.

Rod action mechanism

The IONNIZ intelligent technology acts directly on the intercellular cement, contributing to the replacement of capillary mass through the expansion without heating the wires; there is a migration of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, sulfur and hair to CORTEX and HAIR marrow, this favors physiological nutrition, returning keratin, amino acids, essential oils, fatty oils and other important components to the hair fiber.

Scientific studies:

Technology with scientific evidence on different topics:

• Ionization and permeation through ultrasonic waves in androgenetic baldness.

• By: Maria Jose Alves da Silva

• Ultrasonic waves in hair growth.

• By: Fabiani Calabrez de Andrade

Recommended for:

 Bactericide: bacteria eliminate

• Bacteriostatic: reduces the proliferation of bacteria

• Fungicide: Eliminates fungus

• Oxygenating: Improves tissue oxygenation

• Homeostasis: Stagnant bleeding and aids in local healing.

• Permeation of products

• Activates hair follicles

• And much more

• Treatment of falls

• Oil treatment;

Alopecia in general;

Normal dandruff;

• Seborrheic dandruff

• Collagen biostimulation;

• Anti-inflammatory action;

• Hyperimiante: local vasodilation

• Hydration and recovery from stem

Watch this video to learn more about this incredible hair thickening treatment!

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